How Does it Work?

We are making it easier than ever for American workers to save for their future Lets Get Started!

No Hassles and Low cost

We’ve eliminated the hassles and financial burdens associated with typical employer savings plans

EZ IRA - employer savings plans

Little to no Administration

We have your back. EZ IRA is designed to allow the Employer the ability to offer a retirement program without spending time managing it.

A low flat

EZ IRA is a fraction of the cost of typical retirement plans. Allowing every business owner the ability to offer their workers a retirement program and every employee to enroll in one.

No Department of Labor Testing

Unlike the 401(k), EZ IRA will not require Employers to deal with Department of Labor Testing.

No fiduciary or trustee responsibility

The Employer holds no fiduciary or trustee responsibility when offering an EZ IRA.

Get started, its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

EZ IRA Representative

1. Enroll Online

No Paperwork Needed. Register Through Our Secure Online Portal In A Matter Of Minutes

2. Financial Advisor

Once registered, an approved Financial Advisor professional will contact you to handle employee enrollments

3. Employees Enroll & Save

That’s it! EZ IRA provides everyone the ability to focus on Today and worry less about Tomorrow

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EZ IRA - Retirement Program Guide

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